Where Do I Start?

Where do I start when looking for a hat?

Buying a hat for special event can be a bit daunting as there as so many styles, fabrics and colours available. So where do you start? We have a few ideas to help the process and find you your perfect headpiece.

Price – Not everyone likes talking about budgets, but hats can vary in price depending on the designer and materials used. Make sure you have a clear idea of your maximum spend and start looking into hats ready made or what you can get for your budget if you choose something made to order.

Personal Style – Your outfit must match your hat and your hat must match your outfit. Size, colour, and individual style is important. Wearing a hat to a special event like a wedding or the races will get you noticed so you want to get it right. Don’t choose something that doesn’t fit or you’re not keen on just because you feel it’s more acceptable to wear. We are all unique and that doesn’t just stop at your wardrobe.

Types of Hat – Figure out what types of hats are available and then choose what your favourite styles are, talk to your milliner about the styles you like and they will help point you in the right direction for the event your attending.

Materials – Nowadays there are so many different types of material used in Millinery and knowing what your new hat is made from is very important to some. Is it sustainably sourced, vegan or vegetarian? The milliner should list what materials are used but if you’re unsure then just ask.

Weather – Are you talking middle of winter or summer? Time of year will play a part In the type of hat you will want to wear, whether its comfortable in the heat or keep you warm in the winter.

Colour – Colour is important especially if your wanting to colour match to a specific outfit or accessory. Find the name of the colour you want to match to and take it from there.

Our milliners are on had to answer any questions or help with finding the right piece so don’t hesitate to ask.

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