What is Silk Abaca?

Silk abaca is a fine woven fabric made from silk and abaca fibres. It has a unique sheen from the silk interwoven with banana palms and gives a very luxurious look and feel.

Abaca fibres are three times stronger than cotton or silk and is extremely long-lasting. It is woven from the processed stalks of the abaca tree native to the Philippines.

Silk abaca as a millinery material that really started to grow in trend from the mid 2000’s. Because of the natural fibres it holds colours beautifully meaning it can be dyed in all manner of colours and can be easily tailored to suit any outfit.

What is Silk Abaca, What is Silk Abaca?, MillineryHUT


Silk abaca is fine and smooth and can be used in blocked, draped, or free form designs. Free Forming headwear is when a piece is created off a hat block. Because of the interwoven nature of this fabric, it is very pliable meaning it can be twisted and shaped to create beautiful curves and shapes.

What is Silk Abaca, What is Silk Abaca?, MillineryHUT

Because of the versatility of this fabric, we really do see some truly show stopping designs, when matched with other materials and trims you really can create some uniquely beautiful headwear.

Silk abaca can be used to create handmade flower trims as well as steaming and moulding into swirls, fans, and ribbons, meaning a new headpiece can be totally unique every time.

What is Silk Abaca, What is Silk Abaca?, MillineryHUT

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