What is Pleather?

Pleather is a “plastic leather” or synthetic leather. It is available in a variety of weights and forms. Some forms of pleather have a suede-like surface while others have a smooth finish. Synthetic leather is much more economical than leather and easier to sew.

Leather in all forms is a speciality material in millinery and used often to block button hats, create trimmings and flowers.

Leather is extremely durable and hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain so a popular choice in designing headwear as well as a good choice for a buyer. With environmental issues and sustainability, a big issue now, we like seeing faux leathers and Pleather’s being used more and more.

What is Pleather, What is Pleather?, MillineryHUT

Pleather is usually a fabric-backed material which makes it very versatile in designs but needs to be handled with care especially when being used with a sewing machine, which means additional time is applied when creating a headpiece, but the end results are stunning and well worth the extra workmanship.

What is Pleather, What is Pleather?, MillineryHUT


Pleather is environmentally friendly, animal friendly and cost effective. Its material that is easy to clean and it does not scuff or crack as easily as genuine leather. With a price tag 20-30% less the real thing you get stunning pieces in a desirable material at a lower cost whilst having a piece with little maintenance that will last.

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