What Colour for my Hair?

Your hair colour is a particularly important detail to consider when choosing the colour of your hat.

The general recommendation is contrasting your hat with your hair colour. Selecting a hat colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel helps highlight your hair tones rather than flatten them.

It is always a good idea and fun to mix up colours and experiment with tones, you want your hat to flatter your outfit and your hair colour, this stretches to outfits and shoes. Do not just go with shades that are safe, you never know, there may be a colour out there that you never considered but could suit you perfectly.

If you have Auburn hair, then Blues and purples are perfect to highlight the tones in your hair, try avoiding reds and oranges.

Blonde hair matches perfectly with brown, grey, dark green and Deep red colours, try avoiding beiges and yellows as these shades could make you feel washed out.

If you have brown or darker hair try medium greens, light greens, light reds and pink hats, try and steer away from browns, you have spent the money so make your hat stand out.

Grey and green hats match with grey hair, if you have light grey hair then try darker tones and vice versa with lighter hair. Try and avoid light browns and tans.

Ultimately what colour you choose is your decision and we always think going for what you feel comfortable is the most important factor, as always

Our milliners are there to answer any questions or help with the decision of buying a hat that suits you. Your hair colour is an important detail to consider when choosing the colour of your hat.

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