Velvet is Back!

The 90s revival of velvet is being seen on catwalks and in magazines, from coats to hats and everything in between. Velvet not only fits well into casual looks but can elevate items such as headwear to really create that sumptuous look.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric and historically made from silk. Nowadays its more likely to be made from polyester and other similar synthetic fabrics.

Velvet is Back!, Velvet is Back!, MillineryHUT

Because velvet is difficult to products it’s always been a fabric with a high price tag and therefore historically associated to only royalty, especially when velvet was crafted from silk and linens.

With the industrial revolution and more factories appearing we started to see velvet being the most popular choice for evening dresses,  the labour costs went down as it was easier to produce. This craze for luxury dresses lasted throughout the late 18th century through to the 1920s when velvet was used more for shawls and accessories.

Velvet is Back!, Velvet is Back!, MillineryHUT


We saw the last major revival of velvet in the 1990s when we saw dresses appearing on the red carpets by the likes on Winona Ryder. Now we are seeing velvet being used by Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Ralph Lauren as well as Milliners starting to introduce this beautiful fabric into there designs creating some truly beautiful and must have pieces.

Velvet is Back!, Velvet is Back!, MillineryHUT

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