What Hat to Consider..

As much as a lot of events this year have been cancelled and there may be more to follow, you may still want to purchase a hat for a wedding, prepare for future events because you have seen ‘THE’ one or just treat yourself to a fabulous headband. Then here’s a few things you should consider when purchasing.

Dimensions – Do you want something bold or subdued? Consider the height and brim width of the hat, even down to how long the feathers or additional trimmings are. Will you be wanting to wear your hat all day? Is the hat too big that you will stand out to much at a wedding or do you need bold and beautiful? If the latter, then also consider the potential weight too!

Colours – Do you need a certain colour to match an outfit? Then consider not only the base colour but all the trimmings as well.

How do you want to wear it? – Do you want your hat to be held in place by a headband, milliners elastic, a comb or a combination. What event requires you to purchase a hat? Will you be active so need a piece that you know will stay put or are you just more comfortable with a headband.

Your Hair Style – Some hats change completely depending on your chosen hairstyle. The piece may well sit completely different with one style over another.

Lead times – Do you need your hat in a hurry or need a slight alteration on a hat you have seen, then check with your milliner whether they can get the piece to you in your time frame

Ultimately if you need to know any specifics like colour names, materials used, dimensions and anything in between then get in touch, our milliners are always more then happy to answer any questions or queries

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