The Panama

The Panama hat is sometimes known as the Ecuadorian hat or Toquilla straw hat. It is a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian Origin. Panamas were made from plaited leaves of the Toquilla Palm. One little fact that is still believed today is this hat has never been made in Panama.

The Panama, The Panama, MillineryHUT


The beginning on the 20th Century made these hats popular as tropical or seaside accessories because they are so easy to wear. The glamorous style of the 1940s made these hats even more visible. Throughout history, people from all walks of life, including presidents, artists, and politicians, have sported Panama hats.

The Panama, The Panama, MillineryHUT


A Panama hats quality is generally determined by two main factors, the straw used and the weave. Known to be light coloured, breathable and lightweight makes them the perfect accessory for the summer.

The Panama, The Panama, MillineryHUT


Nowadays we see Panamas both for men, women and Unisex in design but trimmed with several different materials and made in all sorts of colours.

The Panama can now not only practical for exotic holidays but becoming more increasingly a must have fashion accessory.

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