The Importance of MillineryHUT

Covid has seen online buying explode during lockdown.

Social distancing and non-essential shops closed, leaving online buying being the only way we could purchase items. The added effect of people being nervous to visit the high street (which continues to the present day and will into the foreseeable future) will have a huge effect on the high street.

The stakes are high, especially for small businesses that were slow to get started with websites and providing the ability for consumers to buy their products online with a large amount now desperately trying to catch up.

Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce explained in an interview to Charley Riley at CNN Business:

“Previously, many retailers might have said, ‘well, e-commerce is a relatively small part of the overall business, maybe 10%,'” said Ready. “Now that’s grown dramatically to 30% or 40% plus for many retailers.”

“We’re seeing a much broader set of the retail ecosystem really seeing e-commerce as a top priority, and that has certainly amplified since Covid,”

We all know platforms such as Etsy and Amazon Handmade have a huge impression on the market, but we are also aware that many smaller businesses are leaning towards these platforms to rocket them into the world of online selling. But with products being from all over the world and the sheer quantities available means businesses start to lose their identities.

Creating an online presence and identity is so important to all businesses and millinery is not always suited to such large platforms where the creativity and artistry can become lost.

Millinery is an art that could potentially be lost with events being cancelled this year and no certainty on whether the beginning of the next year will look any different.

MillineryHUT was created as a platform for UK and Irish Milliners. A platform where milliners regardless of size or experience, could join on a low pay-as-you-go member with no contract and extremely low commission rates. We complimented our platform with the #KeepMillineryAlive campaign, in a bid to increase awareness, visibility and sales of millinery brands and their headwear.

Following on from the UK and Irish markets, we have also been approached by milliners from Australia, Europe, The United States, Asia and Africa about joining, so we have now moved onto MillineyHUT International, proving that our vision and the willingness to #KeepMillineryAlive is something worth striving for.

We are committed to assisting and recruiting milliners all over the world, onboarding them during our first phase (the remainder of 2020) and have therefore offered every designer that joins MillineryHUT, completely free of charge membership until Jan 2021

By offering this, we are aiming to have all our milliners and all future milliners, in the absolute best possible position for when the market (and need for headwear) is back.

MillineryHUT makes it easy for customers to browse designs, speak to milliners and learn how many talented designers there are worldwide… and most importantly, to buy hats!

Let us all #KeepMillineryAlive


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