The Halo

The Halo is a millinery design in which the headpiece acts a frame for the face, creating a halo effect. This design is said to date back to the 1900s when it was called the Aureole Hat which is something that it is often referred to today.

The Halo, The Halo, MillineryHUT


Halos like all hats come in a variety of different sizes like close to the head almost like a bonnet or cloche.


The Halo, The Halo, MillineryHUT


The halo was created in a range of different materials such as knitted or crochet which made them easily made at home. The Halo was a popular choice for bridal headwear and the most famous example was a blue straw version made in a Parisian Millinery house of Caroline Reboux for the Wallis Simpson Wedding.

The Halo, The Halo, MillineryHUT


The Halo became popular in the late 1930s in America and Europe, Women started to move away from cloches to halos which highlighted the face and also the curled hairstyles popular of the era.

The halo is still popular today amongst brides and race goers, it creates an incredibly soft feminine look, also meaning the wearer can have a glamourous hairstyle that is not hidden.

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