The Fedora

The fedora is a hat with a soft brim and indented crown.

The term Fedora was used as early as the 1890s and were made from wool, cashmere, rabbit fur and beaver felt. nowadays we see them in straw, cotton, hemp, linen, and leather.

The Fedora, The Fedora, MillineryHUT


After Edward, Prince of Wales started wearing fedoras in 1924 they became increasingly popular amongst men for the stylish look and protection from the weather.

The Fedora, The Fedora, MillineryHUT


We have always been led to believe that the fedora was primarily aimed at men but they were popularised in the 1880s by French stage actresses and we saw them become a very common women’s fashion accessory. It was in 1925 when the fedora started to be one of the few androgynous clothing pieces.

The Fedora, The Fedora, MillineryHUT


Now the fedora has made a huge reappearance in the fashion world along with other hats such as the pork pie, seen to be highly fashionable with a nod to nostalgia. We can see them in all sorts of colours and prints. Trimmed with ribbons and feathers. Easy to wear and incredibly versatile.

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