The Cocktail Hat

Daytime hats for women in the 1930s were a must have before they were fashion, but these styles of hats were not glamourous enough to be worn to events such as afternoon teas and cocktail parties.

The Cocktail Hat, The Cocktail Hat, MillineryHUT


Hollywood designers started to pair new smaller hats with cocktail dresses in the movies and women of fashion around the world soon followed suit, the cocktail hat reached its popularity in the 1950s. Small and versatile but adding some glamour to any outfit. We started seeing then not only in the movies but worn at events around the world.

The Cocktail Hat, The Cocktail Hat, MillineryHUT


Cocktail hats were originally created as small hats worn perched on the top or side of the head and often with a veil. As much as cocktail hats were smaller, they were still designed with millinery techniques and usually held in place with glamourous hair pins.

The Cocktail Hat, The Cocktail Hat, MillineryHUT


Nowadays cocktail hats are still small but of course are no longer restricted to late afternoon events, trimmed with beautiful accessories and ribbons, cocktails hats are a work of art that can be customised to perfectly match your outfit or your personality.

Cocktail hats lend themselves to bringing some intrigue and curiosity to any outfit and can make sure you are the most memorable person at any event.

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