Sustainability has been of importance for some years now, every artist and creator spend numerous hours researching and creating pieces that offer a lower impact on the environment through material sourcing.

When we think of sustainable fabrics there are several things that need be considered when choosing a particular material, such as how the fabric choice directly affects the raw material sourcing – how it is harvested, how much processing does it require and most importantly at the end of the fabric’s lifespan can it be disposed of in an eco-friendly way such as recycling.

Not only are we seeing a lot of new millinery designs that incorporate recycled materials, but environmentally friendly fabrics are extremely easy to source nowadays along with materials that fit within Veganism.

Along with natural and vegan fabrics such as 100% cotton, organic hemp, linen and recycled cottons, Animal derived materials such as wool. Cashmere and merino wool are starting to be soured in more eco-friendly ways and that continues to improve. The list of sustainable synthetic materials always continues to grow with recycled polyester, Scoby leather and apple leather as examples.

With sustainability a continued growing effort we like to see millinery designs made with materials that are eco-friendly, if you want to know more about materials or if a piece you’re looking at is vegan then don’t hesitate to ask your milliner

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