Protect your Investment

Purchasing a hat can be a big investment and how to clean, handle and store your prized procession is important.

When purchasing a hat, it will probably be delivered in a hat box, if it does not then its worth purchasing one to keep your hat safe and secure. A hat box also prevents your headpiece from getting damaged. A hat box will prevent dust and dirt damage and protect the fabrics from becoming bleached from sunlight.

You should always try to prop your hat with tissue paper and if there are trims including feathers and flowers, then use tissue paper to support, protect and keep in place.

As much as you might think wearing a hat once or twice won’t necessarily mean it requires cleaning, you should consider cleaning the sweatband if your hat has one. Perspiration, hair products and make up can very easily transfer onto the sweatband and this will require cleaning. Fabric sweatbands can easily be cleaned with a mild detergent and water, use a soft brush to scrub the areas then use a cloth to blot dry (if you use a light coloured cloth you can see how much staining can be lifted)

The outside of your hat should be cleaned regularly especially if you are not storing in a hat box. Use a soft brush, lint remover or tape to carefully remove specks of dirt and dust, making sure you work slowly, carefully and following the grain of the fabric.

If your hat gets damaged (while attending an event for example), then we suggest talking to your Milliner. Dented crowns and droopy feathers can easily be corrected with the correct advice

Finally, the handling of your hat is important. For most hats we do not advise getting them wet, but these things can happen. Let your hat dry naturally to keep its shape. Different hats will come with different care instructions due to the fabrics and trimmings used. Always make sure you ask your milliner to include these details so you can keep your hat ready to go.

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