We’re delighted to say through our partnership with Katherine Elizabeth, we are offering all ‘Millinery and Business Academy‘ Members FREE 60 days membership on MillineryHUT

We provide you with an e-commerce platform to sell all your designs, provide the marketing and traffic and handle the card payment processing for you… you just supply amazing head-wear and ship out each order when it comes in!

There’s no need to wait weeks for payment, we have a payment run every Friday and pay you by bank-to-bank fast transfers. There are no contracts to sign… think of MillineryHUT as a Pay-As-You-Go service

What we do is:

* Provide an even playing field for Milliner’s of ALL sizes and experience
* Provide a full e-commerce UK based platform so service UK & Irish customers
* Onboard every Milliner free of charge
* Charge a minimal commission fee (2%-5%) on sales
* Charge a minimal monthly membership fee that is based on item volumes for sale, not name or experience. Its monthly, with no commitment beyond 1 month… Full details of our membership options can be found HERE (only applicable AFTER your first 60 days)
* Have no additional chargeable add-on’s
* Allow you to use whatever photos you want, with no restrictions. They’re your hats!

If you are a member of the Millinery and Business Academy and would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the form below and we’ll have your MillineryHUT storefront setup for you within the next 12 hours!

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