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Brand Name – Lizzie McQuade Millinery and Accessories 


How and when did you start in Millinery?

I had worked in the fashion industry for about 6 years but was yearning to get back to creating with my hands. I did a series of jobs for stylists working on shoots for Vogue and Dazed and Confused and was asked to craft some headwear. The obsession was born!  After that I enrolled on a millinery course taught by the amazing Noel Stewart, and once I completed that went to work with Piers Atkinson before launching my own brand. I still love working with stylists on all sorts of fantastical editorial pieces as well as creating my collections.

What inspires you when designing?

I am deeply inspired by mythology, romance and storytelling. As well as the couture shows, my favourite decade for style the 60’s, and the places I have lived and travelled to – one of my winter collections was based on the colours and textures of my home country Scotland.

When I am designing bespoke, my main inspiration is my client, I am lucky to have worked with the most wonderful people.

What type(s) of headwear do you design?

My designs are modern, feminine and easy to wear, yet feature couture inspired embellishment and handmade trims. I believe that artisan quality should be accessible and practical as well as stunningly beautiful. We create hats and headpieces for day, evening and weddings.

What is your advice to anyone wanting to buy a new hat?

Keep an open mind, try something you may not have considered and tune into how you feel when you try a piece on. If you feel amazing in it that will radiate from you, and that’s the best look of all!

Why did you join MillineryHUT?

I am excited to reach more hat wearers, and this is a beautifully curated platform of creatives for customers to select from.

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