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How and when did you start in Millinery?
I took up millinery around 10 years ago; I was working as an interior designer but started studying millinery in the evenings. It soon became a passion, so I decided to try and make a career out of it. I have now been working as a full-time milliner for about 7 years.

What inspires you when designing?
Everyday life and objects, shapes and textures, architecture.

What type(s) of headwear do you design?
I make a lot of hats for theatre but when I design my own collection, I like to make easy to wear pieces in natural quality materials and with clean lines and shapes; hats with a touch of retro but brought in a new modern way.

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to buy a new hat?
Buy a hat that reflects your personal style and that you feel comfortable with

Why did you join MillineryHUT?
I joined MillineryHut because it’s a platform specifically dedicated to millinery, on which you can only find quality made headpieces by professional milliners.

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