Match that Hat

Sometimes when trying to find the right hat means considering several elements like your outfit colour, your face shape, what type of outfit you want to wear and what type of event your attending.

MillineryHUT have compiled a quick guide of the most common outfits and what style of hats we would pair with them. As always, we recommend speaking with your Milliner for help.

Maybe you have chosen a light floaty outfit like a summer dress, creating soft lines. We would recommend wearing a hat in a similar style. A floppy hat or a relaxed cocktail hat.

If your chosen outfit is a fitted one with a tight waist always think about balancing the outfit with a wide brimmed hat, this will show of your waist even more so! A plus for a lot of us girls.

Tailored outfits always pair perfectly with strong structured hats. Trouser suits also work with large bows and headbands.

If you have chosen to go with a detailed or patterned outfit, then match with a simple block coloured hat in a shade that compliments an element of your outfit.

Consider matching your outfit with the trimmings of that hat rather then the base. This means you can have a very neutral coloured hat, but your outfit would then accentuate the hats trimmings.

Colour blocking can create an on trend look but you can also create some additional drama by wearing contrasting colours.

Opposites always attract! – If your outfit is bold and daring then choose a more subdued hat, if your outfit is more neutral then boost your outfit with something more daring.

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