Left, Right or on Top?

A fascinator is one of the most beautiful and well-recognized head pieces you can wear at many formal events. Most women consider it as a dressy hat to complement their outfit.

It is also common to spot these classy head pieces at formal events. Milliners typically craft fascinators out of wool, feathers, or straw. You can choose a small or large size according to your hairstyle and outfit.

How you wear these pretty headpieces also plays a crucial role in deciding your final look.

There are many ways to wear a fascinator.  Even though we have spotted ladies wearing it on the front for a bold look, it is best to attach the fascinator to one side of your head. You should place them just above your left or right eyebrow. Fashion goers believe there is no ‘correct’ side to wear the fascinator. But traditionally, it is worn on the right-hand side.

Some Tips…..

  • If you are wearing a feather fascinator, avoid wearing it on the top of your head.
  • Pay attention to your outfit and accessories before wearing the right fascinator.
  • You can either match your shoes and bags with your fascinator or tone with a particular shade in your dress. 
  • Do not choose over-sized fascinators.
  • Stick to a design that suits the cut of your face and your head-size.
  • Keep your hair simple. A fascinator looks great with a simple hairstyle.

Fascinators can also come in a couple of ways to attach or wear such as hair combs, slides and headbands, this also determines how you wear, a headband makes wearing a fascinator very easy and will position perfectly. Hair slides and combs make a fascinator a little more versatile meaning you can wear on the left or right, over your eyebrow or more on top.

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