When we see over the top, beautifully handcrafted hats and fascinators at the races especially Ascot do you ever wonder ‘how on earth do they keep that hat on?’

Well there’s a few ways milliners design their pieces with a variety of ways to attach and keep your hat in place. Consideration also needs to be thought about when working out how to provide hats for different reasons. For example what if you’re supplying a hat for someone on stage or for something slightly more active than a wedding guest, this may require more substantial or multiple ways to make sure that hat stays in place.

Hat elastic is one way and is a small cord that is worn behind the head and under the hair, these can be worn In a colour that suits your hair which means your hair can be used to cover the elastic. You also need to make sure hat elastic will be suitable for your hair style. If you have short hair that cannot be worn up, then this will affect whether the elastic can be seen.

Alice bands are easy to wear with Perchers and larger fascinators, they can be made from millinery wire which can be hidden amongst hair when worn or in finished covered bands in a variety of sizes and colours that match the base or trimmings to provide a finished look. You may also find combs attached to Alice bands to provide additional support on larger pieces.

Millinery combs come in all sorts of colours and sizes, a simple addition to provide stability and variation with some designs on how individuals wish to wear them. Whereas metal combs mean less chance of breakage you can also find them in plastic.

Metal hair clips again like combs, give versatility to how each person wishes to wear their hat and are usually seen on smaller fascinators and hats. They can also be seen in addition to combs to add more stability to larger style hats and fascinators.

As much as we might not think about the smaller details of how a hat attaches, it is something that needs a substantial amount of consideration. What will be more comfortable or easier to wear, will the attachment work with my hair length or even style.

As always, our Milliners know best and can answer any questions.

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