Hat Wardrobe Staples

Hats can be a big investment whether it be for a wedding or the races. You may have even chosen to have a hat made specifically for a special occasion or to match your outfit. Usually this big purchase is worn once or twice, beautifully stored but forever reminding us of wonderful memories.

However, some styles remain popular year after year making not only a great investment but continues to create the basis of beautiful hat collections. They may even be considered the staples of all those hat lovers wardrobes.

Fedoras and Panamas are traditionally thought of as being designed primarily for the male market but look great on women. They can be matched with such a wide variety of outfits, dress down or dress up this style of hat really will carry you through.

Berets are not only functional they are timeless classics, they frame the face and can be purchased in so many materials nowadays, as we saw from this year’s runway – Leather. But you cannot beat a woollen or cotton beret to add the instant chic to any outfit. This continues through to the traditional beanie, to add warmth to a winter outfit or instant edge to a street look.

As always, the straw hat never misses the mark, oversized with floppy brims just add that instant summer chic to all our holiday outfits, whether they are simply straw or trimmed with never ending beautiful materials and colours, it really does make us yearn for our Holidays.

As always, our milliners bring you beautifully created and designed pieces suitable for any occasion, if you have any questions of queries on purchasing a hat then let us know.

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