Gents… It’s not ALL Baseball Caps!

Hats can be very stylish men’s accessories, but it does not mean it needs to stop at a baseball cap or a beanie… some of the best styles you can see….

The Fedora – mainly known to be worn for gangsters in the 1920’s the fedora is again on trend especially is you stay with neutral colours and medium widths.

The Trilby – not to be mixed up with a fedora, a trilby is a smaller brimmed and taller crowned hat, worn at the back of the head and spotted frequently at horse racing events.

The Panama Hat – traditional brimmed straw hat, it really is the look of summer, light and easy to wear, they really are a must have for those summer holidays.

The snapback – the older brother to the standard baseball cap, a snapback is more rigid in design and adds that instant cool look to any outfit.

Flat cap – always known for being worn by farmers, this head pieces is usually made from tweed or wool, they add extra warmth and comfort but adds that little bit of charm to smart casual outfits.

Bucket Hats – the modern revival of a classic, made usually from heavyweight cotton, these create that laid-back street look

The Boater – another summer essential and usually worn at regattas and royal garden parties, this stiff straw hat with gross grain ribbon is a great alternative to the panama this summer.

The Pork Pie – a cylindrical crowned hat with flat top and pinched in at the sides, known to be worn by hipsters, this style creates a classy and modern look.

Newsboy – Making a big come back throughout the 2000’s the newsboy is similar to the flat cap but with panels and a button positioning the hat to the brim, the newsboy is the traditional men’s hat but available up and down the high street.

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