Feathers in Millinery

Feathers have always been popular and an elegant touch in Millinery design. Feathers are so versatile and with so many variations we see endless inspiration and creations.
Feathers are exciting to work with as they are shape-able through heat and cutting and because feathers are a natural material can be dyed. Feathers in their natural forms are beautiful as they are but as we see often manipulated into much fancier trims.

Feathers in Millinery, Feathers in Millinery, MillineryHUT


Some of the main feathers likely to be used span from Peacock to turkey with a wide variety in between.
Ostrich feathers are probably the most popular and can range from about 5 inches to 25 and beyond, we see variations such as Wing and plume feathers that are full and dramatic.

Feathers in Millinery, Feathers in Millinery, MillineryHUT


Goose feathers are great especially Biots and Nagoire as they are more rigid with thick stems which make them perfect for knotting, curling, cutting and shaping.
Turkey feathers especially Marabou create volume and texture as they are very fluffy with small quills.

Rooster feathers and Coque tail are nice feathers because they are long with a flexible spine making them great for cutting and layering.

Feathers in Millinery, Feathers in Millinery, MillineryHUT


Peacock feathers are mostly used in their natural form. The eye is naturally stunning and come in many different sizes.
Pheasant feathers, especially ring neck tail feathers are generally the most available with sturdy spines and natural striped patterning that add drama to any hat design.

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