Bridal Headbands

Wedding headbands may seem a very new concept in the bridal world, but they make a huge difference to brides who choose a headband over traditional headwear such as tiaras and crowns.

As much as a lot of brides love the whole romantic side of a stunning tiara, more and more are edging towards a handmade headband. Bridal headbands add a touch of glamour to the less traditional gowns designs such as Sheath and boho dresses while still adding unique style and femininity.

Bridal Headbands, Bridal Headbands, MillineryHUT


Headbands are also very versatile and easy to wear making them comfortable and compatible with nearly all hairstyles such as loose flowing locks or short hairstyles. They are also ideal for keeping hair away from your face.

Bridal Headbands, Bridal Headbands, MillineryHUT


Headbands are also easily matched between the bridesmaids and bride, as much as you might not see many flower girls wearing tiaras a pretty headband that goes with your colour scheme works well.

As with all hats and hair accessories a wedding headband should enhance your look. Satin headbands with pearl or Diamante detailing are a very trendy look and can pair well with a sophisticated hair style rather than take anything away.

Bridal Headbands, Bridal Headbands, MillineryHUT


A wedding headband starts as a blank canvas and can become anything with the right embellishments. Flowers and pearls sum up wedding vibes to a tee!


As always, our Milliners are here to help with any questions or decisions on the right piece for you.

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