2021 Summer Trends

As much as we are strong believers in not following the crowd and always go with what you like, we do love seeing the trends that pop up through the seasons. We did a blog at the beginning of the year following the expected trends for spring and summer 2021 but its always interesting to see how those predictions change.

We can clearly see that these summers hats of choice are versatile so can be worn with a variety of different outfits, as well as the colour palettes seeming quite neutral. But mainly that hats are being worn not only to add some additional style and glam to your outfits but also for practical reasons so for as long as the great British summer lasts let’s look at what everyone is going for.

Baseball caps were predicted to be a trend this year and we completely understand why. Easy to wear, practical and versatile, in soft pinks and lilacs it appears the must have colour for this summer is white. Crisp and clean and ideal to wear with your denim and slogan tees.

2021 Summer Trends, 2021 Summer Trends, MillineryHUT


Soft Yellows and white sun hats – again veering towards more practical sun protection the versatility of a well-designed and made sun hat will not let you down. Simple white with some soft trimmings can take your outfit from the beach to drinks with your mates.

As always, the Bucket hat is almost a wardrobe staple and we have seen this trend stretch over many seasons as we see the designs and colourways swap and change to suit what we require. Again, practical but stylish and adds that street look to your outfit.

2021 Summer Trends, 2021 Summer Trends, MillineryHUT


Wide Brim hats especially with ribbon or straps. Elegant in design and ideal for protection, another piece that offers practical but stylish protection and can take you from the races with a beautifully designed and trimmed hat to the beach with a simple straw one.

2021 Summer Trends, 2021 Summer Trends, MillineryHUT


Flat brimmed boater hats which were not expected as a trend but are becoming a popular choice. Sun protection guaranteed but with added extras with a variety of different prints, materials and pattens.

2021 Summer Trends, 2021 Summer Trends, MillineryHUT

Headbands, Ties and Scarves – We associate summer with festivals and that is when we start seeing the floral boho style headbands. Not necessarily a 2021 trend but a well designed headband or scarf can last more then just this summer. A really good, practical investment that can match with your summer dresses or jeans

We love to see that hats are continuing to grow in popularity and its also great to see versatile pieces that can be worn over and over making there way to the market. As always if you need any help with purchasing a piece or have some questions then our Milliners are always happy to help.

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