2021 Fashion Predictions

After a long 2020, the fashion predictions got replaced with loungewear, masks, and slippers. We worked from home and could not attend any social events. Now it’s good to see fresh predictions of what we can expect from fashion in 2021

With the rollout of vaccines, we are sitting in hope waiting to see what events this year will be back on, although it may not be till the middle/end of the year it is still a light at the end of an exceptionally long tunnel.

Designers reined in their experimental and extravagant designs as the call for such pieces just has not been there but instead its very much back to the drawing board to create practical and realistic designs with a thoughtful nod to all that has been going on. As magazines stated it is the first-year fashion has been designed to be worn and not just seen.

The major trends we are already seeing for 2021 are –  

See through layers – layering has always been a trend but instead of the dense winter layers, we are seeing sheer and transparent layering creating soft and feminine looks for that much sought-after spring/summer look

Strong Shoulders – Prominent shoulders seem to be making a comeback, some of us will remember shoulder pads of the 80s but 2021 is seeing a distinct come back, quite fitting with all those online meetings where your colleagues just see your head and shoulders.

Fringes – We all like a bit of fringing whether it be on clothing or hats, this comeback is seeing fringing like no other, long, flowing and making it irresistible not to stand twirling all day.

Tie-Dye – With people stuck at home you may have tried to tie-dye something, but how great that your DIY clothing line is a predicted 2021 trend. Bright, colourful, and just generally a happy look. From maxi dresses to denim, we can see any material or clothing piece being transformed into a tie-dye masterpiece

Fruit Pastels – No not the sweets but the candy colour palette. Such a great range of shades that suit everyone in one form or another. A very chic trend to kickstart a new year.

Netting – Netting is extremely popular in millinery and wonderful to see that this is now extending to clothing as well. Netting adds some intrigue to any head piece and is very aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, we foresee COVID-19 compliant clothing taking centre stage for a few more months, as we saw some fashion houses embraced the change and created garments that covered you from head to foot, as much as this was a refreshing take on virus compliant clothing a good old face mask is a continued must have fashion accessory. Try matching your mask with your hat for a very on trend look.

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