Autumn/Winter Colour Trends

With a world upside down presently and everything a little bit different its nice to see the release of the 2020 forecast for the Autumn/Winter colour trends.

Throughout the end of Spring and summer it was hard to think of anything other then what we were all going through and how we were going to cope in lock-down, but we made it through and can start focusing on getting businesses back to the ‘new normal’ and start appreciating all the things we look forward to every year.

The spring and summer 2020 colour trends saw very bright and confident colours including saffron and flame reds. Bold Statement colours that we are seeing follow through to autumn and winter with varying shades.

The top few colours we can expect to trend this year are tonal oranges and reds like samba through to fired brick that add maturity and earthiness to collections. Burnt Henna is being seen more in outerwear and shoes.

Gold – the over the top colour that we add to our outfits in the forms of accessories but this year we are talking all over gold making a true statement, but if you want the bling without the gold we are seeing silver in many ways including very subdued silver dresses.

Pinks and purples – Soft and feminine but reserved. Peach Nougat and rose tan really embody the feel of autumn and the colour that compliments many. Magenta purple really Is the colour that adds depth to an outfit and makes it feel truly sumptuous.

Blues – In many forms this year but the colours we are leaning towards are True Blue and Classic Blue. Classic blue is the colour that is vivid but versatile. Add powder blue to the list, a calming shade that adds a youthful element.



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